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“Expanding protections will safeguard areas of open ocean ecosystems that are intricately connected to nearshore coral reefs, and would protect habitats for endangered and threatened species, such as sharks and birds, who travel far beyond the current boundaries to breed, forage, and rest.”

Marine biologist and co-author of the scientific and cultural case statement for the expansion of the PRI Marine National Monument.

“The Pacific Remote Islands hold precious connections to our past and promise for our future as Pacific peoples. In the same way these waters are at the nexus of cross-cultural voyaging pathways across Polynesia, they likewise are an intersection of climate change mitigation, cultural practice and scientific discovery. We must protect these waters.”


Sol Kaho‘ohalahala
Native Hawaiian Elder, Kupa ʻĀina ʻo Lānaʻi and member of the PRI Coalition

William Aila

Sol Kaho’ohalahala

Hoku Pihana

Hoku Pihana

Hoku Cody

Hano Naehu

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