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Expand protections for the Pacific Remote Islands

July 11, 2024

Navigating together, toward a thriving Pacific

We are elders, fishers, cultural practitioners, navigators, scientists, nonprofit leaders, and storytellers from across Oceania working to protect the Pacific Remote Islands and the ocean that connects us. We are committed to the heavy, complex work of navigating how to care for our ocean and for each other within a government framework that we did not choose, but is our current reality.

We do this challenging work with a deep and beloved responsibility because the future of our ocean, and communities whose lives are inextricably linked to it, are at stake. Extractive industries, like purse seine fishing and deep-sea mining are looking for every way possible to reap the rewards of the Pacific. These industries do this, even if it threatens our way of life as people of Oceania. We challenge them and any others who advance their own interests by pitting our communities against each other. We do this work not with words, but with actions, waking each day, here in our islands, connecting with one another, and moving forward together.

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The Pacific Remote Islands are home to some of the last wild and healthy ocean ecosystems on our planet. The land and sea hold rich history, from ancient Polynesian voyaging, to the efforts of the Hui Panalāʻau, to the Pacific theater of WWII. Our coalition is requesting to expand protections of the Pacific Remote Islands, honor the area’s unique history and cultural significance with a new name, and to adopt a co-management model of the Pacific Remote Islands so that traditional ecological knowledge and modern science can be at the forefront of ongoing and future protections for the Pacific.

School Of Manini Kingman Reef Photo Credit Kydd Pollock TNC

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